Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Portable goodies

Thx to an article in Clarín, El software ahora llevalo en el bolsillo, I discovered the world of portable apps - downloaded so many I won't be able to fit anything else in my USB drive - it's only 1gb after all!! There's plenty to go around - only a taste here. Repositories, some with their own suites and launchers.

PortableApps - has a neat Launcher, but no categories or folders are allowed.
Portable Freeware - lots and lots of stuff.
Lupo PenSuite - also has a Launcher, and plenty of apps.
The Great Geek Manual - only a section, but well organized.
PendriveApps - also with reviews.

I also found out there are many well known apps that have portable versions, or lite versions that work just the same, like Firefox & Thunderbird (and the rest of their group), Winamp, Irfanview, my beloved ATnotes, and a large etc..

There is even the possibility to boot any PC with the USB, with your own OS, according to Beginners Guides: Essential USB Memory Drive Projects & Tips. Not sure that works every time, though.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Word-wise III

An English-Chinese dictionary, NCiku, "More than a dictionary", has a nifty feature: you can search by handwritten characters, because it offeres handwriting recognition. Once you start drawing it displays a list of possible characters according to your input. Rather impressive, and is only one of the site's features.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Word-wise II

Just found this, Urban Dictionary, a slang dictionary with some other interesting characteristics, such as daily words and the like.
And found this definition there, too:
An Internet acquaintance; someone you chat with but have never actually met.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Places to be...

From A Life Less Lived:
A man needed more reason to stay somewhere aside from having nowhere better to go.

Thursday, 11 October 2007


Finally here, my fave scanlation groups - which I'll have to check soon, I'm totally out of the loop right now. All of them do Yaoi, or at least 'boys love'.

Nakama - my second, one of the most active.
Hochuuami, Trapped in the insect net
Dragonfly - born from Hochuuami, only does doushinji.
Storm in Heaven - in Italian and English.
Memory for you, Because life is filled with memories
Game over or Continue, Gotcha!
Essence of Purity - shockingly no more site, only irc at
Obsession - in Spanish and English.
Impending Doujinshi, Silly little offspring of Aku-Tenshi

My only shoujo-only favourite site:

Shoujo Magic, Got Bishies? - gigantic.

Old faves, inactive groups with still-functioning sites

Shi-Ran, The Orchid Lounge - my first.

And some other groups I've gratefully leeched from too, not only BL but also Shounen and Seinen (and maybe some more Shoujo):

Peccatore Sancturary - leeched a lot, but still a love-hate relationship.
Biblo Eros & Liquid Passion, Scanlating our addictions, one by one
Be With You Scans
Beyond the Sky
Doki Doki

I'm not counting the many groups I've leeched from only once or twice, mind. Or the ones I've leeched from through third parties' sites.


Some anime/manga helpers I've relayed on from time to time. - my first, I got lots of pics and some OP/ED from this site, haven't been there for a while
Anime Lyrics - anime and j-pop lyrics, some translations, some full kanji
Anime News Network - neat anime and manga encyclopedia (amongst many other things)
AnimeNfo - anime/manga encyclopedia and stuff
Tokudane - a listing of all yaoi scanlation groups
Baka-updates Manga - updates on publishing/scanlating/subbing, and some reviews
Manga Jouhou - also updates and reviews

I've thouroughly abused Google, of course, and also the Wikipedia a little, too. More to come, probably.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Blog Like It's the End of the World (BLITEOTW)

Stumbled upon this blog-event, Blog Like It's the End of the World (BLITEOTW), that happened last June 13th. Looks interesting, though, of course, it depends on the author of the different posts. Wish I could just download the whole thing for later viewing, but don't see how. Cool front. I robbed it (sorry, Steve Wilson).

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Naughty, naughty!

Found Kamasutra with a French Touch, a French version of the famous Kamasutra, that might be good practise for the language, but also has plenty of pics to get the text's meaning, hehe.

Illicit Miracles

This webcomic, Illicit Miracles, hasn't been updated for a few months, but it might prove interesting to read.