Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Language Learning

After vowing that at some point I'll speak more languages I decided to study pashto (long list of odd coincidences account for the choice), and then realized that before that I should really become proficient in the languages I've already started to study, namely French and Japanese - mainly because it also implies learning a new alphabet. So, in the meantime, I'm shelving this links as well as a couple of Android apps that might work.

¡Aprenda las palabras más importantes en pastún! at 17 Minute Languages, where you obviously can pay for more extensive courses, and there are a lot of other languages.
Aprender Pashtu at ilanguages, very basic too but with some grammar.

Language Exchange Community penpals, chats, voice chats, word games, etc.; plenty of language pairs to choose from - I'm thinking on signing up if only to practise English.

App/site combos I intend to check:
Anki (shared decks and AnkiWeb sync too)

Also, trying to re-acquaint myself with Japanese kana, these sites:
Aprende el silabario Hiragana! at, where you can choose the lg, and there are several sources for each one (including Japanese)
JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database - an interactive community; learn by communicating, sharing knowledge, and talking between Japanese and non-native speakers

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