Thursday, 21 July 2016

Phonology II

I should be preparing this final, but obviously I'm here instead. At least this is a list of Phonology resources. IPA keybords with extras; the first one is the one I generally use, but the rest are also ok:

TypeIt IPA keyboard - offers several different fonts, symbols for other languages, a desktop version.
Phonemic Chart Keyboard - British/American vowels, list of transcribed words.
TypeIPA - PhoTransEdit Online IPA Keyboard - database of transcribed words, desktop version, RP/GA, some simple transcriptios available.
Unicode Phonemic Typewriter - also some exercises on phonology and morphology, a SAMPA-IPA converter.

Note: SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet), is a computer readable phonetic alphabet used when Unicode is not available. Check John Wells page on it.

Edit: More from PhoTransEdit. Checked and working.

Online English phonetic transcription tools
Phonetizer - RG/GA, Cyrillic transliteration, read-out-loud, desktop version. - language learning tools, some other languages.

Online Phonetic keyboards
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Chart Unicode Keyboard - pick charas from charts
i2Spi:k Smart IPA Phonetics Keyboard - several fonts, smart IPA (similar to predictive text)
IPA character picker - Richard Ishida - pick charas from charts, several fonts
Type IPA English subset - GNU GPL - onlint/offline, very simple
Script Typewriter 1.7 - Pete MacKichan - for Word or web page

Speech Internet Dictionary - concise definitions of technical terms used in phonetics, phonology, speech and hearing science and allied disciplines (with examples, illustrations and sound clips)

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