Friday, 2 August 2013

Hiding truths

I've been looking all over for a "boss key" - had one, no clue where (as usual) - and found this bits in a forum:
[...]For keyboards having Windows key, shortcut to minimize all open windows is "Windows-Key M".
A similar (but much quicker) shortcut switches directly to your desktop. This shortcut is "Windows-Key D".[...]
[...]You can create "Show Desktop" shortcut yourself by this method:
Open Notepad and paste the following block of code there:
Write: "File Name": "ShowDesktop.scf"; "Save As" "All Files", and save it on your desktop. You can now drag and drop that new file on your taskbar's left side to create a shortcut.[...]
[...]Contrary to the title of this article, the instructions don't actually minimize all your windows. If you run a fullscreen app in a smaller resolution, your windows will still be messed up afterward. A better idea is to use AutoHotkey to produce a Windows+M keystroke.[...]
I'll still check some of those apps out there, see what they hide and how fast, but this does in a pinch.

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