Friday, 25 January 2013

Online times

Internet is always a-changing, but not all change is good. Evolution not always looks like it. For instance, the ever-growing file sizes (specially for program files), or the fact that every time you find a cool site that provides just what you need, it changes format/gets banned/asks for payment/limits itself/gets limited.
So, today I'm getting a MediaFire account, s.o.s.o., let's see how it works.

Edit: Nah, doesn't seem to work. Will keep it anyway, could come handy.

Broadway again!

In another BW kick, and as always obssessing about the shows that are hard to get. But, chasing after The Secret Garden's Cast Recording (finally had to settle for a wma version, and even that was a b!tch to get) I stumbled upon BwayDreamer1128's many BW playlists, with shows I want to hear.