Tuesday, 29 May 2012


For some strange reason this quote, form obsessivekumpulsivereadr's latest kurbastian, Later, Then?, struck me as romantic as hell. I fear a little for my mind sometimes.
 "You remember that discussion we had a long time ago about how I used to classify guys according to what kind of fuck they'd be?"
Sebastian took a deep breath. "You were different. I saw that when we met. I felt it when you shook my hand. I felt it when you would glare at me, or when you would aim your perfect barbs at me when we argued. You were… no, you are, the kind of guy who'd end up staying over on Friday night after the best sex of my life. You are the slow lazy fuck on a Saturday morning as soon as we wake up. You're the kind that I wouldn't let get out of bed at all Saturday night. Or Sunday morning, unless food is needed. And then when the food is scored, you're the kind that I'd need to drag right back to bed again. You're the kind I wouldn't have been able to give up after one night. And that scared the fuck out of me. Then."

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