Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sorry, brain!

BTW, yesterday I watched the latest Glee, and I need to say, Darren Criss is so HOT! I admit the clothes his character wear are kinda dorky, but they do *things* for his body. His wardrobe accentuates all his best features (yum!) If only they dropped the gel!
On the other hand, poor (and also hot) Chris Colfer generally draws the short stick. Except when they give him blazers, like yesterday (and the MJ ep), and then yum! He was a lot smaller when he started, but now he's grown into his (hot!) body. I like him best when they don't do strange things to his hair, though.
I know, I lost a few brain cells last night, drooling over their combined hotness.
And, since I'm here, I'll mention that I'm trying to find interviews with the two of them, and I cannot find a single one. Odd. And, also, except in the scenes where they are supposed to act as a couple (they danced in that last ep) they ignore each other on screen. Which is odder. As a klainer, I live in fanfiction - which, I admit, grew from the great canon story.

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