Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I wish there were more sites like this... and I wish I could afford to take their suggestions!

Fashion of Glee:
Fashion of Glee is devoted to finding the clothes, jewelry, shoes, and everything in between worn on 'Glee', and by the actors who play them, when the cameras are turned off.
Not only stills from eps, also where you can find the garments, or how much they cost, whenever possible. Great idea.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Yesterday was the premiere (at NY's Tribeca Film Festival) of Chris Colfer's "Struck By Lightening." Wish I could have been there for the standing ovation! Cannot wait to watch it, not only because I think Chris is amazingly, insanely talented, ergo the movie must be good, but also because I really liked not only the idea of the movie, but also the trailer, which follows.

Also, glasses!Chris is hot.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sorry, brain!

BTW, yesterday I watched the latest Glee, and I need to say, Darren Criss is so HOT! I admit the clothes his character wear are kinda dorky, but they do *things* for his body. His wardrobe accentuates all his best features (yum!) If only they dropped the gel!
On the other hand, poor (and also hot) Chris Colfer generally draws the short stick. Except when they give him blazers, like yesterday (and the MJ ep), and then yum! He was a lot smaller when he started, but now he's grown into his (hot!) body. I like him best when they don't do strange things to his hair, though.
I know, I lost a few brain cells last night, drooling over their combined hotness.
And, since I'm here, I'll mention that I'm trying to find interviews with the two of them, and I cannot find a single one. Odd. And, also, except in the scenes where they are supposed to act as a couple (they danced in that last ep) they ignore each other on screen. Which is odder. As a klainer, I live in fanfiction - which, I admit, grew from the great canon story.

Musical Theatre

Well, thanks mostly to Glee (again) I've become interested in musical theatre. I've been listening to some soundtracks, mostly modern classics, until just yesterday when I found a page where celebs mentioned their fave Broadway love songs. I compiled a list of over 200 titles, which I'm now processing into a shorter playlist. I'll try to find many of those songs, but some musicals I'll try to find whole. I love recs.
Now, many of these songs belong to the Great American Songbook, which is an interesting concept, and another place to look for recs. Some day.
Note: how are you supposed to re-blog from Wikipedia?!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Some culture, please!

I'm on a strange theatre / musical theatre kick. And here is a great adaptation of a great song. Great version, too.

Despertar en Primavera, una adaptacion de Mario Alberto Cortes por estudiantes de teatro Musical en G Martell. Hoy 13 de Marzo 2010 es el cierre de nuestra temporada. Dirigido por Agustin Ruesjas, Direccion Coreografica America Basurto Montaje Vocal Karina Cazares y Miriam Jimenez. Direccion Musical: Winston Marcos.

Omar Olvera - Melchior
Gil Perez Castro - Moritz
Ada Luna- Wendla / Martha
Jessica Blumenkron- Wendla
Ana Arce - Ilse /Ana
Karen Schmieder - Ilse /Ana
Katia Carlos- Frau
Puas Ramirez- Her
Enrique Torres - Hanschen
Mariana Wong - Martha
Jose Roberto JOJO - Otto
Daniel Romo - George
Agustin Ruesjas- George
Ana Lilia Herrera - Thea
Luis Meneses - Ernst
Emanuel Meza - Ernst
Ivan Valverde - Ernst

Funny bones

I don't know, this just tickled me funny. From obsessivekumpulsivereadr's Cause I've Searched My Soul:
"So that's what you were talking to Mom and Burt about?"
"Yep. That and gay sex." Kurt snorted as he pulled into the parking lot of McKinley.
"Again. I hate you."
"Since you hate gay sex too, I'm sure I'll have some good company. Gay sex and I get along just fine."
"Stop saying that." Finn slammed the door on the car and stalked toward the school.
"You can't separate me from my gay sex, Finn Hudson. We are in a very loving relationship. Gay sex feels the same way about me that I feel about it." Kurt followed him.
Finn closed his mouth on another protest, apparently giving up the argument.
"That was a satisfying win. I'm sure telling Rachel about your Santana and Brittany fantasy will feel even better."
"I'm going to torture you with images of straight people sex on the way home from school." Finn turned around and promised with a smirk.
"Straight people sex? Is that what they're calling it nowadays? What are you going to do? I'll bet you can't even say the words to me, solely based on my knowledge of your maturity level."
"And badgering me with gay sex is so mature of you?"
"Nope. Not mature. But then again, I'm not the one getting married after senior year of high school either. I have time to mature more." Kurt argued. "I'm proud of you for actually saying the words though. You've come so far in the past twenty minutes."
"Shut up."
"Such a comeback! I'm crying in defeat over here and reeling from the acidity of your wit."

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Strange songs and shoddy research

Most times that I say "I didn't know that," it goes together with "I didn't even thought to question that." So, even though I had no clue what the lyrics to "Cough Syrup" (Darren Criss killed that one, odd song or not) meant, it took reading fanfic to learn what I'd missed. And for the lyrics to make sense. So, according to xCaellachx's Until I'm Bleeding, and in her words:
"Hi everyone. So, this song I picked has some odd lyrics. But when I researched the song and why the band wrote it, it was during a time when the band wasn't being signed and they didn't really know what to do. They felt oppressed, held in, and this song, for them, was like a cry for help. For them and for me, it's about breaking free from the things holding them back. I hope you like it," Blaine finished...