Thursday, 22 March 2012


Found this cool site, called Clip.DJ that allows not only to download videos from You Tube in mp4, but also to download only the audio in mp3 format. To download videos I generally use Firefox's Download Helper extension, which means that when not in my own machine, I'm out of luck, so I'm glad this new place works fine.
Also, a couple of very similar sites, and, that allow to strip the audio from a You Tube video. Both work great, too. Since I've discovered many unpublished (unrecorded?) artists around the web, this is the best way to get their music on the go.

13/7/12 - Edit: Clip.DJ is no more. But! New, very simple site: YouTube mp3
16/7/12 - Edit: also, - with a simple ID tag editor.

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