Thursday, 9 February 2012

So high school!

This one is pretty good, but at the same time it takes me back to my teen years, and all the notebooks filled up with songs and quotes and my own 'poetry'. From eastwoodgirl's The Secret Admirer:

How do I start to even tell you
When I don't know how to begin?
It's supposed to be a simple 'I love you'
But there's so much more I see within
There's that fire I see in your eyes
That reaches deep within me
Passion that ignites me to mountain highs
And rescues me from deep, dark, valleys
Then there's that sparkle whenever you smile
That brightens up my nights and days
When it's gloomy and cloudy for miles and miles
It's enough to drive any storm away
There is that innocence I see in your ways
That touches my very soul
That reminds me of goodness and of love everyday
And keeps me afloat and whole
Then there's that promise I hear in your voice
To hold me and never let go
My refuge of silence amongst all the noise
The one safe haven I'll always know
How do I try to even explain
How I truly feel for you
Certainly no words are enough to contain
No matter how hard I try to
It will never be enough to say
That I adore your every move
Nor will it be adequate
That you fit my every grove
I can still try and tell you
You are the air that I breathe
Or claim that I worship you
And the grounds that you walk in
Or maybe that you'd light me up
With every kiss, with every touch
But darling that won't be enough
And that's not saying much
So let me just say one last thing
That I think would say it all
Without you, I'd be nothing
Because Blaine,
You're my all…

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