Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I'm *really* not into re-blogging, but I'm in my Darren Criss fase (two days straight obsessively seeking pics and vids), and couldn't help myself - and ain't that the story of my life! So, I agree that Darren is hotter than hot, and has the bestest, warmest, liveliest eyes, and what a voice (my style of singing, too), but, I have to admit I LOVE his pre-Glee look. THAT was even hotter. Wow, my sister is right, I'm kinda old for this, I feel like a cradle robber.

Nevermind, congrats Darren Criss, for beeing N#1 in AfterElton.com's 2011 Hot 100 - The World's Hottest Men as Chosen By AE Readers. (yes, it's old news, but I read it today)

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