Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Last night, browsing through YouTube for Lady Gaga's video for "Born This Way" (which I didn't find), I stumbled upon this version by Alex Goot that *blew my mind* so much that I broke then and there my Twitter silence!
Right now I'm listening to it again, and after one or two hundred repetitions I'll listen to the rest of his covers from his YT Channel, Gootmusic (I think some songs may be originals, yay!). I like the selection of titles.
And I'm stalking him through T, ovbiously!

Edit: Sorry, it looks like it's the other way around, and most songs are originals. I'm checking out iTunes. Cr@p, already see myself following another unexpected Internet path.

Edit: Yeah, I'm a dork. This guy is rather well known, I'm not discovering the New World again. Still Capital, though. And kinda hot when singing the strongest songs, like "Born This Way."

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