Monday, 31 October 2011

On Glee

I'm not sure why I like this series. Like most American series, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my own high school life. I was a bit of an outcast, but our educational system is very different, and we don't settle in school-deep castes. There may be some bullying, but not as institutionalised as we see in American TV. So, I cannot say I deeply identify myself with this group of misfits. Don't have a smidgen of their talent. And yet, there is something that keeps me going back for more.
Oddly enough, I think I truly became a Gleek when I started getting to know the cast behind the great (even if often times over the top) characters. Of course, getting to know them as well as interviews and Twitter could allow, not further.
I'm totally fascinated by what I've seen of Chris Colfer, and very interested in the rest, mainly Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera. I think Quinn and Santana are spectacular b!tches, but Dianna and Naya seem so very sweet.
Chris, as a person, seems to be very smart and confident, even when uncertain, and isn't that odd? As an actor, he is so believable that it is staggering. His character's sorrow, his delight, his vulnerability, even his overconfident-but-hiding-his-selfconsciousness attitude. Kurt can be a b!tch, but there is a depth to him that makes him very lovable.
Now, Chris may not be the hottest Glee guy, but I find him sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, sometimes adorable (and isn't that a blow to a man's ego, sorry Chris!!!) The hottest? It is a toss up between Chord, Kevin, Mark and Harry. Mark would look better without that haircut, it's distracting.
On acting in wheelchairs, Kevin is a genius. And the choreographer, that always manages to work with it so well that it doesn't stand out.

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