Wednesday, 28 September 2011


In another Bones kick righ now. Ok, Both/Zaddy fanfiction started it this time - I don't even remember where *that* came from! (Though I think one of my authors may have posted sth and I got the notification and one thing led to another, and...)
Now, here are some of the sites worth re-checking, after sifting through quite a few of them (need to raid them for pics next):

SpoilerTV | Photo Archive | Bones - Mostly because of the awesome promotional photos from all seasons.
Bones Fans Online - well, TRANSCRIPTS!! and some other things. Ok, S6 is incomplete, and sometimes there are differences with Wikipedia's List of episodes and even Fox's Official Site Recaps, but a great resource anyway.
206 Bones - blog format.

More specific:
Eric Millegan's Official Website - Dr. Zack Addy, or Zaddy (fandom nickname)
Eric Millegan on Living (and Acting) with Bipolar Disorder, Part 1 | Part 2 - based on YouTube vids no longer available.

I've been considering watching online series, and this one is on my list, provided I find a good English-speaking site. Meanwhile, I've been reading some episodes: the last with Zack as a regular character, 3x15 - The Pain in the Heart, and his first guest appearence, 4x05 - The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond. See the trend? I Love Zaddy, can't you tell?

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