Monday, 20 December 2010

Online Storage

I've registered in 4shared, an online storage site, with the long nick and the alternate pass, and using the short Yahoo!.

Edit: I've also installed the Android app in my phone.

Edit2: Join 4Shared Now!

Thursday, 15 April 2010 gone!!

I don't know how long it was since I last checked the old Boxtorrents site, which is now down. Luckily, they only moved (at least for now, Internet tends to be rather ephemeral). New site at BakaBT, and I've already signed in, with the same old nick, short pass, and short Yahoo!. Let's leech!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Best place I've found so far to look for flights and accommodations abroad:

Friday, 8 January 2010

Online Manga

Places to read manga online, in an effort to unclog my browser (don't even remember which manga I was looking for when I accumulated these).

Foros DZ
- Foros de Anime, manga, videojuegos, Hentai, Yaoi y mas
9panels - Read Free Manga Online!
Manga Fox - Read Free Manga Online! (well, that's the tag line too!)

Ah! I was looking for one chapter of Tsumibito no kiss!

Travelling? 2

Local Travel agencies' sites. Most are useless, but at least include contact information.

Transatlántica Viajes y Turismo
Casting Travel Service
Daminato Viajes y Cambio SA
Freeway - Operador Mayorista de Turismo
Turismo Stoisa


Planning a "Grand Not-Really-a-Tour" (meaning international, really expensive travel), I'm considering two destinies first (hopefully): the United Kingdom or Japan. Most logical place to start: London. With that in mind, some places to check:

UK in general - Britain's Official Travel & Tourism Guide! Plan your UK Holiday Now! (scores of information, including London)
Tourist Information UK - Your Guide to England, Scotland and Wales

London in particular
London's Hot-Map - interactive map (page is in German)
Transport for London - Getting Around - maps and timetables for the tube, buses, etc. (includes interactive maps, like this one for the tube)


I'm listening again to the BBC Radio, but today I'm checking Radio 1 out instead of the World Service. Here's a description of all the available radios, I'll be trying most of them.