Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mostly Free File Sharing Services II

Found some new places to check here: ¿Cómo enviar archivos grandes? Here's an excerpt:

Comparativa de portales para enviar archivos grandes
Sitio webTamaño máxDisp. archivoDescargas
YouSendIt100 MB7 días100
MailBigFile100 MB3 días1
RapidShare100 MB90 díasIlimitado
HotShare200 MB30 díasIlimitado
TransferBigFiles2 GB5-30 díasIlimitado
FlyUpload2 GB24hIlimitado
TooFiles1 GB-Ilimitado

I registered as kyou (vía k_g) at TooFiles, which offers private hosting for registered users, and is multilanguage, like HotShare

Other new places:
MediaFire - up to 100MB per file, unlimited storage/uploads/downloads/bandwidth
Senduit - up to 100MB per file, you can choose its expiration time (from 30' to 1 week), very simple
GigaSize - up to 300MB per file, multilanguage

Worth mentioning: many of this sites offer extra options for registered users, and some of them also offer extra-extra options for paying users.