Thursday, 30 October 2008


Let's see.
Logging off my Yahoo mail, news, an old photo of Rowling signing sth, the death of a young actor from the movies who had a page in... Wikipedia, and I was lost. A Potter-related link to Wikipedia, for someone like me, forever wandering off track, is a dangerous thing.
Then, let's continue. Somehow the Potter prequel, and the Black family tree, and of course, Draco Malfoy. And I was *astonished*:

Wizard rock band Draco and the Malfoys' lyrics are inspired by the Harry Potter books but from Draco Malfoy's point of view. One chorus goes: 'My dad's always there to open all my doors, you have to call a Patronus just to catch a glimpse of yours/My dad is rich, and your dad is dead.' As well as Harry and the Potters, the members of Draco and the Malfoys dress themselves as Hogwarts students, in this case in Slytherin-themed costumes. The band is one of about 200 bands of young musicians playing music inspired by the Harry Potter series.

200!!! I didn' even know that existed! I kept reading, wandering from page to page (did you know that "Because students in the novels board the train to Hogwarts at Platform 9¾ at King's Cross railway station in London, the real King's Cross has erected a sign at a wall between tracks 9 and 10 to commemorate this."?). And a Washington Post quote from last year in (at? note to self: review my prepositions *now*) Harry and the Potters' page:

...wizard rock is an escape into a different world - a world of non-judgmental fun where grown-ups dress as wizards, evil is vanquished by song, and reading is cool...

And then I stopped, cause It's already really late to still be at work.

Note: useless to post all the pages I've seen today, and probably not really doable. Don't know, won't check.

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