Tuesday, 11 December 2007


This is who I am, no way not to get carried away by each and all the shiny baubles I stumble upon. Which means after only a taste of this, papercraft (the VF I mentioned before) I downloaded tons of models for other proyects, even if it's not likely I'll ever try a tenth of them. The best ones (Stars Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future) I took from Taringa: here, here and here, but there are other interesting places to check:

Paper Inside, still not that big, but great quality. Took Harry's wand from it, and Kenny.
Yamaha Paper Crafts, ultrarealistic Yamaha motorbikes (and rare animals).
Canon Creative Park, colourful.
3D paper models, confusing, but apparently huge.

Just wish I'd found Spike's Swordfish II - that, I would have *loved* to make, even more than the gundams (which are a must in any self-respecting wish list).

Relapsing away

Like Bonnie Tyler, "every now and then I get a little bit restless and I dream of something wild", and then remember things that gave me that thrill once, and fall for them all over again. That's why I never really abandon any fandom, only let them rest a little ^_^
So, even while I cannot (and want not to!) climb out of my Eroica relapse (all Kadorienne's Fabulousman's fault, and Fried-Potatoes too), I'm trying to build a paper VF-1S I found in a blog somewhere, but of course, I got lost, and there I am looking for images to know where certain parts go - and then falling into a Robotech relapse and going on another web-rampage, looking for more!. This time I found several sites worth noting, even if none of them gave me my answer:

Macrosshare, in Spanish and English, a repository for all things multimedia, great things.
Macross Mecha Manual, *very* detailed.
Mecha Anime HQ, also featuring other series, like the Gundam saga.
Robotechworld, an Argentinian place - will raid their wallpapers some day.