Monday, 7 May 2007


If I don't organize my discs, I'll keep downloading repeated files, or missing out on others I don't actually have. So, Relational DataBases, now. I registered at MailxMail (as kyouneko, the works), to download some pdfs on the subject. Let's see how this goes.

Edit: I un-suscribed, as downloads are charged via SMS. But I'd like to follow this three courses online (they've proven un-donwloadable this far), anyway:

Introducción al Access, in 37 lessons.
Diseño de base de datos relacionales, in 10 lessons.
Cómo crear una base de datos en Access con Visual Basic, in 13 lessons.

PC Security

Trying to check for new somewhat safe AVs (Avira and Kaspersky) and new, hopefully faster, versions of Norton (2007), I had to register at Programas Full as kyouneko, with a lovely password, with my H addie. Got plenty from IsoHunt, as usual, and discovered that Kaspersky offers online scans for individual files (though only smaller than 1MB) as well as PC scans.