Wednesday, 21 March 2007

More Z/S (o S/Z)

Another minimal fic, The Call of the Tide, by Sherry Marie too:
Without a word, the blonde pulled him forward into a firm wet kiss, which lasted far longer than any other kiss they had shared before.
Once finished, Sanji sat back on his heels and stared intensely into the dark startled eyes of the swordsman.
“Asshole.” he whispered.
And Zoro smiled at him with something close to shyness, being able to recognize a declaration of love when he heard it.

Think I've seen the same quote somewhere around (^_^)


Looking for Pucca-related images (strange, after hating it I think I kind of like it - and of course, main resource this far was Pucca Club), found Gif Animados de Dibujos Animados, Series de Televisión y Películas, and from there I went straight to Letras Animadas, LetraManía, and Tipos de Letra - no original names, but again, variety. Some good stuff too, pity this type of fonts rarely carry the 'ñ' or the accented (¿?) vowels.

New fandom quote

From a silly Zoro/Sanji fic (One Piece, can you believe it?), The Bet, by Sherry Marie, the first paragraphs:
Sanji had to keep reminding himself not to bite down. He knew from much experience that biting ruined the effect that this slow deliberate sucking produced. Sure, it gave him momentary satisfaction and filled his mouth quite delightfully, but it also ended things far too quickly. Yes, especially under these circumstances, slow and patient was the way to go.
“Doing OK down there, Cook?”
At the sound of the husky voice, Sanji looked up with no small amount of defiance written in his sea-born eyes. Reluctantly, he eased the candy from between sticky lips.
“You’re a fucker. And I hate you.” He replied in a flat voice.
The candy was promptly returned to its previous position. Sucking resumed.

Yeah, it starts like that! And then, nearing the end:
From there, there was sweat, smoke, grunting, the occasional cuss, a badly placed splinter, all sorts of suction, a badly placed cigarette burn, and a constant cloud of wayward ashes.
Some time later, Sanji lay bruised, content, and was well into his third pack...

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Text is linear...

Took this from Gargolito knows (gral blog type), where I dlded a Firefox add-on (I instaled it today in my PC at work, mainly to see if I can solve the Megaupload Issue (note the capitals). Interesting.

Neverwinter Nights 2 @ GameBanshee

Actually, took this from Holy Avenger's signature at AnimeArgentina's forums, while looking for a solution to the Megaupload issue, and then looked for its source, Sand, from Neverwinter Nights 2:
Seems my exceptional wit and cunning instinct for verbal duels has landed me in trouble yet again.

Edit: Yeah, this is sooo Draco!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007 || La mejor web de Death Note en español! || Manga, Anime, información, y una gran comunidad ^^

I found by chance, after a series of coincidences too long to mention. Cool place, to download some stuff (I've downloaded tons of DJs and wallpapers and avatars today) had to register as kyou, with minimum pass/pl, and the hotmail account - they *promise* spam!