Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Robotech - better in Spanish!!

RobotechEspa├▒ol - appears to be big and crowded and complete... and in Spanish. Unusual, but there.
And of course, the English central, Robotech.com. Rather similar in design.
Oh, well, I've been trying to download Robotech in Spanish all day, and have only managed to snag torrents for the first 15 out of 85 eps!! Lady Viola (from 80anime) uploaded all 85, but I'll have to look for the torrents one by one, and hope they are seeded, or at least healthy (not having such great luck with the first one this far, though - think I'll get stuck at 91%). Also got a pack for the whole thing in English, probably will have to make do with it. Hail I say.

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