Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sweet little moment (aka new quote)

From Aidan Lynch's Unthinkable Thoughts, Draco's POV,
They had an almost telepathic means of communication. Not like he himself had with Harry, intermittent magical surges of emotions and feelings and certainties; theirs was far more specific, rooted in shared experiences, shared interests, shared loves. A single word would produce the same reaction from all three of them, triggering the same thoughts.
'Do you remember...?' Hermione might say. They all remembered, and all remembered whatever it was in the same order. The act of remembering was taken unconsciously for granted between them, and frequently the next comment to follow would be three or four steps down the line, leaving Draco wondering what they were talking about it. 'Do you think...?' Ron might suggest. Of course they all thought it, so much so that nothing ever needed explaining. They weren't defined by what they said, they were defined by what they didn't need to say. 'Couldn't we...?' Harry might wonder. Yes they could, they could do anything. Anything they wanted to. They had rewritten the school rules for their own benefit, they had gained the confidence and respect of all those around them, they had forged their own way of existing, empowering by its strength and rock-like in its reliability. They were a unit. They were a family. And they had no idea they were special.

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