Thursday, 4 January 2007

New cellphone (again)

I've had so many cels through the years, I just wish the last three hadn't been stolen!! (Mmm, that phrasing sounds wrong somehow) Hope this one (Samsung SGH X686) lasts longer, and dies a peaceful death due to old age and nothing else.
Nywayz, some addies to, well, add!
Wap Upload:
Like with the others, browse the site first, and code in hand go to the wap site via phone and dld. The old sites still work btw.
Wapsilon - web-based WAP Browser emulator
Also, to bear in mind: Wireless Developer Network.
Old addies now checked, too:
Zedge: (reg as kyou_neko)
NKWAP: (or via sms)
That's all. For now.

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