Thursday, 25 January 2007

Monday, 22 January 2007

Nifty little trick

Last week, while trying to complete that huge (for this, at least) post on language tools, I discovered that I can layer some links - links within links, so that when you click on the image you get it enlarged, but when you click on the img's name you get the referred site. Now, I discovered that if you add target="_blank" after the address, before the closing ">", the link opens up in a new window. Nifty, innit?? See an example:
< !!Altavista - Babel Fish!! >

Might go back to that post to modify all the links, not sure worth it, though. But I *will* take it into consideration next time!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

GRATIS en tu Web el tiempo de Rosario Aerodrome

GRATIS en tu Web el tiempo de Rosario Aerodrome -> like it like it, offers different ways of adding this info to your page. I chose a small image.

Dictionaries and the like

Looking for Japanese names for Claudia's new kitten (by the way, I think we just got lucky with Neko's name), I found these:
Yamasa Online Japanese Dictionary. Needs investigating (also signing in, probably).
Diccionario RUI. What? How?
FreeDict. English into and from other sixteen languages.
And also this list stolen from (in Spanish):


Altavista - Babel Fish
Es un conocido traductor online bidireccional en múltiples idiomas completamente gratuito. Traduce palabras e incluso párrafos enteros, aunque no con la pericia de un traductor humano, por lo que puede ser muy útil como recurso educativo a la hora de aprender otros idiomas.

Traductor online RUI
“RUI” es un diccionario online japonés-español de uso gratuito. Aunque también puede ser usado como diccionario español-japonés. (Es)

Traductor Babylon
Es el traductor mas famoso y uno de los mas veteranos. Esta versión permite traducir palabras del Ingles al Español y viceversa.

Diccionario Lengua Española, Sinonimos y Antonimos, Traductor varios idiomas. (Es)

Universidad de Oviedo
Diccionario de sinónimos, antónimos, traducción de textos y web, conjugador de verbos. (Es)

SDL International es el proveedor líder a nivel mundial de servicios de traducción gratuita y profesional para páginas Web y documentos. En Inglés.

Traduccion Gratis
En Español

World Lingo
Ofrece un servicio en línea gratuito muy útil, que le permite enviar directamente desde su pagina web un correo electrónico que será automáticamente traducido a su lenguaje preferido. Español, ingles, italiano, aleman, frances, portugues, holandes.

Traduce Gratis
Selección de diccionarios y traductores de distintos idiomas.

Traductor Online Multiples Idiomas.

Traductor en línea de los idiomas de la unión europea.

Traductor en Linea, Traduccion Automatica Gratuita, Diccionario, Grammatica.

Es un abastecedor principal mundial de soluciones de traducción automática. La compañía desarrolla software de traducción y diccionarios concedidos por las revistas de ordenador principales.

My SYSTRANet es un servicio de traducción GRATUITO que le permite realizar traducciones accediendo a archivos directamente desde su escritorio con personalización añadida y características de preservación de formato


Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Autodefinida como un esfuerzo colaborativo por crear una enciclopedia gratis, libre y accesible por todos. Permite revisar, escribir y solicitar artículos.

Real Academia de la Lengua Española
Todo sobre la lengua española. Puedes consultar dudas con un servicio bastante eficaz proporcionado por personas reales. Noticias académicas, recursos de investigación, diccionario.

Enciclopedia británica online
Para buscar información sobre prácticamente cualquier cosa en inglés. (En)

El diccionario Vox le permite realizar consultas sobre el significado de las palabras así como conocer su traducción en otros idiomas. (Es)
Es una página web especializada exclusivamente en diccionarios. Se pueden encontrar diccionarios en diferentes idiomas y conocer todos los significados de las palabras. (En)
Permite la consulta en línea de varios diccionarios, en este caso de los diccionarios Vox. Ofrece el diccionario general de la lengua española, diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos, diccionarios Esencial français-espagnol / español-francés.
Directorio de diccionarios en linea, tiene actualmente más de 4000 enlaces hacia diferentes diccionarios y glosarios bilingües o multilingües consultables gratuitamente en Internet.

Sitio web donde podrá encontrar una serie de diccionarios, enciclopedias y libros electrónicos para su consulta en texto completo.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sweet little moment (aka new quote)

From Aidan Lynch's Unthinkable Thoughts, Draco's POV,
They had an almost telepathic means of communication. Not like he himself had with Harry, intermittent magical surges of emotions and feelings and certainties; theirs was far more specific, rooted in shared experiences, shared interests, shared loves. A single word would produce the same reaction from all three of them, triggering the same thoughts.
'Do you remember...?' Hermione might say. They all remembered, and all remembered whatever it was in the same order. The act of remembering was taken unconsciously for granted between them, and frequently the next comment to follow would be three or four steps down the line, leaving Draco wondering what they were talking about it. 'Do you think...?' Ron might suggest. Of course they all thought it, so much so that nothing ever needed explaining. They weren't defined by what they said, they were defined by what they didn't need to say. 'Couldn't we...?' Harry might wonder. Yes they could, they could do anything. Anything they wanted to. They had rewritten the school rules for their own benefit, they had gained the confidence and respect of all those around them, they had forged their own way of existing, empowering by its strength and rock-like in its reliability. They were a unit. They were a family. And they had no idea they were special.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Customizing is a must!

New places I checked, that apparently work:
True Polyphonic - mid and mmf (my phone seems to accept amr and imy too)
Convert-Ringtones Online - from remote or local mp3 (and other formats, I think)
Now, I've got to think *what* I want. (Edit: Maximum file size: 200 k!! Bummer!!)

Friday, 5 January 2007

Kyōiku kanji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yeah, Japanese again. Downloading utilities for the new phone, (KanaQ first of all!!) I reached
Kyōiku kanji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (the kanji list divided in grades) and Learning kanji, where I stopped, since following all the relevants links from there is a must, and imposible right now (hopefully only right now).
Should also review the old Japanese links here, too.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Just an ad

Awesome (ouch) Honda Accord ad here, flash format.

New cellphone (again)

I've had so many cels through the years, I just wish the last three hadn't been stolen!! (Mmm, that phrasing sounds wrong somehow) Hope this one (Samsung SGH X686) lasts longer, and dies a peaceful death due to old age and nothing else.
Nywayz, some addies to, well, add!
Wap Upload:
Like with the others, browse the site first, and code in hand go to the wap site via phone and dld. The old sites still work btw.
Wapsilon - web-based WAP Browser emulator
Also, to bear in mind: Wireless Developer Network.
Old addies now checked, too:
Zedge: (reg as kyou_neko)
NKWAP: (or via sms)
That's all. For now.

Switch to new Blogger version

I valiantly ignored all the previous prompts until today. I had to do it sooner or later! Still, this post is only so I can comment on the cheeky logo...

... and the equally cheecky announcement (from 19/12/06) at Blogger Buzz:

I am overjoyed to announce that today we have o’ficially graduated the new version of Blogger from “in beta” to “.”