Thursday, 14 September 2006

Temptation, oh temptation!!

I’ve been thinking about submission for a while. Submission as complete trust, at least, as willing surrender of oneself over someone one trusts, to do as they please. Probably ever since I read that HeeroxDuo fic about it, The Discipline Of Self, by Kai Foster (1) (at Shinigami+Wing), and then there was that YohjixAya one, Steel Engagement, by Francesca (Bathory) (2) (don’t remember where I first found it... or which one of the fics I read first, in fact). Now, after reading Draco's Folly, by Ravenna C Tan (3) (at The Archive at the End of the Universe), a thoroughly perceptions altering fic, I found a note recomending books, and googled them, and reached Amazon... and was tempted! Really! That’s what started the urge to find again those fics, and quote them, and work on a post as I did for this one – as a way to channel that urge to actually buy them. Which would be absurd, since I don’t think I’d be able to try it anyway – and, of course, there is no one I’d try it with now. Er. You know.
And all of this got me thinking about fics, and couldn’t let this type of post pass without remembering Sword Dance, by Natalie Baan (4).
Here are some quotes, though probably re-reading the ficz would be best (hehe, any excuse works on me for that!):

Submission is in every form of discipline. When you follow a rule, you submit. When you give someone in the register's office your transcript, you submit. When you wait in a line, you submit. When you look someone in the eye, you submit. And that creates several situations that can be examples of discipline. There is control, there is training, there can be punishment seen in any of those.

What's not to understand? You want to dominate me, right? It turns you on? Well, now you can. I'm telling you, you have my complete submission. It's all for you and no one else. I can't put it any clearer than that, can I?
[...] I just wanted you to know and understand that I give you this of my own free will, because I want to. Because I... love you...

There are plenty of good books on rope bondage out there if you'd like to learn to do it safely and well. I'd recommend The Sensual Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori if you are into the aesthetics of it at all, and Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook whether you are or not.

And as Omi stirred, one hand running hesitantly through his hair before slipping away from him, the mattress shifting as the teenager began to sit up slowly, he lay motionless in the rest that followed movement: a center from which any possible form might emerge.
All those patterns of potential, seen as if for the first time...

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