Thursday, 31 August 2006

Mostly Free File Sharing Services

Long overdue list, I think. Will add as I remember them. And they ALL have restrictions of some kind.
YouSendIt - after 7 days or a number of downloads.
MegaUpload - still unusable since they decided they wanted more money, unless I find how to hide/fake my ip, which is unlikely (meaning I haven't found anything workable yet).
SaveFile - allows several files in the same page, up to 60MB/file
RapidShare - xMB allowed per hour
TurboUpload - up to 70MB.
File Factory
RogePost - up to 100MB
MooLoad - up to 500MB, but this far is somewhat slow.
DepositFiles - strange, many times redirects to other servicies, not really sure how it works.

ImageShack - only images, and allows some re-sizing.

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