Sunday, 20 August 2006

kyou says, back to DOS for a little bit

I just remembered that in my DOS times, I used to change the prompt, and write my name or something like that. Prompt/? to see what you can do, or a simple string of text. Think it's funny how much I still remember (or somewhat remember, he)

Well, reading this article, List your life in .txt, learned some little txt/command line tricks.
Ok, will work more on the functionality of this later. Meanwhile,

todo.txt @mac @pc @paper @offline Draft todo.txt feature
(project, context, description, also priority by starting lines with a/b/c, which allows sorting)

from the prompt: echo 'text to be added to file' >> todo.txt
also from the prompt: find "string" todo.txt
and then could also ->sort (not sure how yet)
and a mix of them: find "los" todo.list | sort

if notepad instead of prompt, ".LOG" on the first line of any text file, it will automatically append the time and date every time you open it.

prompt is more for unix/admins etc

Edit: estimated date, read link for further details

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