Thursday, 31 August 2006

Mostly Free File Sharing Services

Long overdue list, I think. Will add as I remember them. And they ALL have restrictions of some kind.
YouSendIt - after 7 days or a number of downloads.
MegaUpload - still unusable since they decided they wanted more money, unless I find how to hide/fake my ip, which is unlikely (meaning I haven't found anything workable yet).
SaveFile - allows several files in the same page, up to 60MB/file
RapidShare - xMB allowed per hour
TurboUpload - up to 70MB.
File Factory
RogePost - up to 100MB
MooLoad - up to 500MB, but this far is somewhat slow.
DepositFiles - strange, many times redirects to other servicies, not really sure how it works.

ImageShack - only images, and allows some re-sizing.

Friday, 25 August 2006

Moving sketch

The boss received a link to this page, in Russian. A dynamic sketch in Flash. Very interesting.

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Sudoku - mania

I've been going to Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online for a while, just forgot to bookmark it here. Thought of it because I thought about bookmarking the new on-line variant, Jigsawdoku - love the 9x9 with symbols one.

Edit: Also found Sudokupuzz, which is not as good as the aforementioned (snicker), but still good.

Sunday, 20 August 2006

kyou says, back to DOS for a little bit

I just remembered that in my DOS times, I used to change the prompt, and write my name or something like that. Prompt/? to see what you can do, or a simple string of text. Think it's funny how much I still remember (or somewhat remember, he)

Well, reading this article, List your life in .txt, learned some little txt/command line tricks.
Ok, will work more on the functionality of this later. Meanwhile,

todo.txt @mac @pc @paper @offline Draft todo.txt feature
(project, context, description, also priority by starting lines with a/b/c, which allows sorting)

from the prompt: echo 'text to be added to file' >> todo.txt
also from the prompt: find "string" todo.txt
and then could also ->sort (not sure how yet)
and a mix of them: find "los" todo.list | sort

if notepad instead of prompt, ".LOG" on the first line of any text file, it will automatically append the time and date every time you open it.

prompt is more for unix/admins etc

Edit: estimated date, read link for further details

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Naked Translations

Looking for "Dutch courage" (the expression, of course, not the courage!!), I stumbled upon Naked Translations: English to French translation - interesting blog, worth a deeper look.
By the by, I do stumble a lot around the net, don't I?

From Eroica with Love - again!!

Kadorienne had new slash, and I went to the site for it, which warranted a little riffling around to see what was new, and I found a (new?) link to HONEY SOURCE KINGDOM - awesome art, really lovely. I like the way Dorian is softer-looking here. I'll try to take it, hehe.

Thursday, 17 August 2006

NeoWORX - Quality tools for world of blogs

I ran into this site, NeoWORX by pure chance. One word: wow (yes, it *is* a word). It's only a counter/chat board, but a great idea also. Wish it where worth it to put it here!


I'm publishing this ebooks resources' list just because I haven't put anything here for a while. I'll edit this if there is sth interesting to keep.