Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Cellphone madness!!!

Hehe, in two days I crashed my phone's credit for the month, I'll have to buy a card for it. BUT, who can blame me? Found quite a few places to dld wallpapers and games. Here are some that worked for me:
GetJar: wap.getjar.com
Fonditos: wap.fonditos.com.ar
Jhonny.wap: same (www.jhonny.org/wap)
You browse the site first, and code in hand you go to the wap site via phone and dld. Easy!
Now, here you can find games, and... euploader.com!! There you can upload via Internet whatever you want (ok, whatever your phone accepts), and then dld at euploader.com/wap/index.php. Coooool! Love it!
Three non-checked addies: www.zedge.no, wap.misms.com.ar, www.nkwap.com.