Friday, 14 October 2005

Wallpapers, Avatars, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Shhh! I just registered as kyouneko at AnimePaper (Anime Wallpaper Community) to get a gorgeous wallpaper of TRC (went for it instead of X, and it's already in the oven). I already had most of the chapitres (don't ask me about that), and found everything else plus titles et al at the scanlators site, Be With You Scans. They are doing X too, but only from vol 15 onwards. They've started from the beginning too, but only got vol 1 done. We'll see, I might buy that one.
It might be temp, but I like the concept of Mangavatares - no need to clarify.

Edit: Um, I also registered (kyouneko too) at RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, to download some captures and such, but got no time.

Edit II: Alt dwld site, Revelations, for TRC manga (though I think BWY is still at it).