Sunday, 23 October 2005


Hehe, I know I shouldn't be doing this, when has that stopped me before? I don't follow Smallville, but the few chapies I've watched make me wonder how are they gonna end it. I love Lex in this series, and he saved Clark more than once, so I don't get it. I decided to look into it a little today, but of course, the first thing I stumbled upon was fanfiction, of the slashy type, of course. I'm about to try this link, where I also found some Potterverse fiction (good name for it) Um, here's another one (mind you, i'm not checking the main sites, only this lists, at least for now)

Edit: Read some of the fics on the first page (Lex centric, mostly, rather meanie Clark, interesting), forgot to find anything else - shinny things, I tell you!