Monday, 17 October 2005

MangaCity - Peace Maker

Well, in the end I bought Peace Maker Kurogane #1, even though it's the sequel of another manga called Peace Maker. But, I found that they are scanlating it at MangaCity, and they already have almost 5 of 6 volumes done, so I'm about to download them, some from the site (DD or BT), some probably from their channel, #manga-city at IRCHighway. Wait! Paren las rotativas!! It is also at StopTazmo!! Wahhh!
Now, since PMK is only 5 vols long -this far at least-, I'm considering getting RK afterwards. Probably should get all FY first. Nywayz, we're talking four months at least, so anything can happen.
And, for the record, I *need* to order/shrink/burn my series, cause I want some new ones, like RK and FMA and... hehehe
BTW, I'm also downloading the _huge_ SD manga (hq, I've heard) through BT.