Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Anime y la TV

Güé, Animax has new series (FMPanic and Gantz, that I know for sure), so I had to re-check their schedule. It took a while to find their site again, and I'd forgoten the name/addie of the forum where I found all the info last time, AZA or AnimeZoneArg. Registered there now, as kyouneko (you know the drill by now), at least for the news. The site seems to provide good stuff - when it's fully up. But it's still recovering from some major crash or other. We'll see.

Edit: rummaging through some threads at AZA's forums, found some addies for game downloads, for future reference: RomReactor, ZonaEmu, Decemuladores, EmuDesc, EmuGamex. Might check them some time. (Once I manage to play the games I *already* have?)