Monday, 31 October 2005

while we tell of yuletide treasure

while we tell of yuletide treasure
Strange fandoms' fics. Saved a few to read later, but since it is an ongoing experience, it could be interesting to keep checking from time to time.

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Sitios de torrentes

I keep telling my sisteres that finding Argentinian torrents is next to impossible. Here's a list of sites, though, with some in Spanish (don't know how old it is). For anything anime/manga related I use, of course, Boxtorrents, for anything else I mainly use Isohunt, but then again, no local torrents. Sometimes a manga site redirects me to a specific tracker, but I don't keep track of them (hehe). Mininova is still arround, too. I'm about to register into a Spanish-speaking site, Portal Pirata (kyouneko, the usual drill) but I'm starting to think I've already registered somewhere else... I'll have to check some old mails.

Edit: Two other sites, similar to PP, you probably need to register to dl, not sure: PcTorrent - PctTracker. NOT worksafe, I tell you - heavy on the sex-side (which would be very interesting under different circumstances, mind you!)

Sunday, 23 October 2005

Episode List - TV Shows

Minor mention: still looking for Smallville's epi guide found this place, EpisodeList, with many shows. Liked it better than the other two places, though looks better than The TV Megasite -remembering them here could come in handy sometime.
By the way, I don't think I'm too fond of this fandom. I've got a ton of fics to check, but still, not sure. I mean, like the series/idea of C/L/C slash, but not what I've found about it this far. I'll see.


Hehe, I know I shouldn't be doing this, when has that stopped me before? I don't follow Smallville, but the few chapies I've watched make me wonder how are they gonna end it. I love Lex in this series, and he saved Clark more than once, so I don't get it. I decided to look into it a little today, but of course, the first thing I stumbled upon was fanfiction, of the slashy type, of course. I'm about to try this link, where I also found some Potterverse fiction (good name for it) Um, here's another one (mind you, i'm not checking the main sites, only this lists, at least for now)

Edit: Read some of the fics on the first page (Lex centric, mostly, rather meanie Clark, interesting), forgot to find anything else - shinny things, I tell you!

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Anime y la TV

Güé, Animax has new series (FMPanic and Gantz, that I know for sure), so I had to re-check their schedule. It took a while to find their site again, and I'd forgoten the name/addie of the forum where I found all the info last time, AZA or AnimeZoneArg. Registered there now, as kyouneko (you know the drill by now), at least for the news. The site seems to provide good stuff - when it's fully up. But it's still recovering from some major crash or other. We'll see.

Edit: rummaging through some threads at AZA's forums, found some addies for game downloads, for future reference: RomReactor, ZonaEmu, Decemuladores, EmuDesc, EmuGamex. Might check them some time. (Once I manage to play the games I *already* have?)

Monday, 17 October 2005


Just one word, WOW. Mangascreener has only reached vol 7 out of 14, but I already got 1 to 13's original covers from this site, I'll FANS' PAGE, plus some amazing images. But, of course, probably the site is so good cause the manga's art is that good. May sound mean, but I hope this doesn't get licensed in English till I've got it all.

MangaCity - Peace Maker

Well, in the end I bought Peace Maker Kurogane #1, even though it's the sequel of another manga called Peace Maker. But, I found that they are scanlating it at MangaCity, and they already have almost 5 of 6 volumes done, so I'm about to download them, some from the site (DD or BT), some probably from their channel, #manga-city at IRCHighway. Wait! Paren las rotativas!! It is also at StopTazmo!! Wahhh!
Now, since PMK is only 5 vols long -this far at least-, I'm considering getting RK afterwards. Probably should get all FY first. Nywayz, we're talking four months at least, so anything can happen.
And, for the record, I *need* to order/shrink/burn my series, cause I want some new ones, like RK and FMA and... hehehe
BTW, I'm also downloading the _huge_ SD manga (hq, I've heard) through BT.

Friday, 14 October 2005

Wallpapers, Avatars, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Shhh! I just registered as kyouneko at AnimePaper (Anime Wallpaper Community) to get a gorgeous wallpaper of TRC (went for it instead of X, and it's already in the oven). I already had most of the chapitres (don't ask me about that), and found everything else plus titles et al at the scanlators site, Be With You Scans. They are doing X too, but only from vol 15 onwards. They've started from the beginning too, but only got vol 1 done. We'll see, I might buy that one.
It might be temp, but I like the concept of Mangavatares - no need to clarify.

Edit: Um, I also registered (kyouneko too) at RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, to download some captures and such, but got no time.

Edit II: Alt dwld site, Revelations, for TRC manga (though I think BWY is still at it).

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Noated :: Anime and Manga Community :: *and* DEATH NOTE

Ok, sidetracked again (and rewriting a post- again) Registered as kyouneko at Noated, anime/manga news, forums, BT db, Japanese Lessons (here to check for updates) and Lexicon. Can't remember why I know of the site from before, though.
Yesterday, I spent 7hs straight reading DN, so so so... waaah!!Managed to learn from one of the (several) scanlator's forums the chaps for the last vol, but not the missing titles. Will burn anyway! And remember to keep track of the updates from Stoptazmo.
I'll probably go for X now, provided I can use a Russian page I found to separate the chaps in each vol.

Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Manga Online

Got this addie from someone in one of my mailing lists. It's Tokyopop's Manga Online site. Registered with k_h Y!, monthly magazine online. Seems interesting enough. They have a free print edition too, but, of course, no shipping outside USA. Tipical. Hmpf. Ah, Tokyopop's addie from that one, too, for what it could be worth.

Monday, 3 October 2005

Boy's Love Games Headquarters

Boy's Love Games Headquarters
Interesting place for all BL games, with reviews and imgs, and a rather comprehensive list of links. Um, yes, looked for some stuff after dlding games from Aarinfantasy - even though I most certainly won't be able to install/play them for a long time (till I own a pc!!!).
I'll have to check their wallpapers later.
*And* I've got to check this place (in Japanese) where you can dld game intros, and Moon-Parrot's site (makers of Kuro no Tsuki), for the same (fourth menu option, I think)