Thursday, 29 September 2005

On special download sites (BoxTorrents Rules!)

Well, of course, BoxTorrents covers many of your anime/manga/ost/ova BT necesities (especially of the yaoi kind). The rest, probably could be found at Isohunt.
Now, yesterday I registered in Aarinfatasy's Yaoi Collection, as kyouneko too. Will dl a couple of bl games first, then I'll see. Then, right from there I picked a link to a site that translates bl games, Onadoru Euphoria, and has completed Silver Chaos. Not a patch, but imgs with the translations. Better than guessing, of course!
Um, should probably mention that Aarinfantasy is a well known fansub group, too.

Edit: Better to simplify matters, Aarinfantasy's BT tracker is right here

Edit 2: I *cannot* believe I forgot all about, where I get many different series (non-yaoi) one chapter at the time. Registered as kyouneko, too.

Edit 3: Last minute news, found a place, The Lurker, with listings of irc bots offering packages of well known series (such as FMA/Bleach/Gantz, and a *lot* more) Will try soon, cause I also found my missing FMA chaps at irc.