Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings

How did I fall into HP ff? Easy enough, perusing Aoe's livejournal in search of news about her 'Harmonics' WK arc at Bleeding Hearts. No news, but a rec of Maya's wanderful 'Underwater Light', at, precisely,
I read it and read it and read and loved it, and decided more HP was in order, preferently H/D. I even sent Maya a very embarrasing letter asking for recs from her, and she graciously complied sending me the address to her site, Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings, where there are more of her fics plus recs that I have yet to check, and her livejounal, still on my very extensive "to read" list. One more comment: I actually cried last night while reading her "Dark Side of Light" and "Your Every Wish", and went home (at 11:30 pm!) feeling a knot at the pit of my stomach that you wouldn't believe!! Great authoress.

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