Thursday, 22 September 2005

For love is a many-splendored thing...

More HP fanfiction delicacies. This site is a rare jewel indeed. Harry Potter Rareslash, has some very odd parings, some unlikely main charas, and some good (if unusual) stories. Need to read more. Oh, and it's a rec from Maya's site.
There is also Harry Potter and the Age of Consent, where I arrived while looking for Lady of Shalott's site (didn't like it, that's why it's not here). Assortment of stories, a hole section for H/D (the most important, of course ^_^)
I know, I *know*, I'll never manage to go through all the recs I've already got, and lets not forget that I haven't checked my usual haunts for at least a couple months. I shudder at the thought of the sheer volume of piled reading. Yeah, right.