Thursday, 29 September 2005


Needing to burn all the stuff I've got at work, I started with the 'huge' series, Bleach first. Looking for some missing covers and such, I found some very interesting sites, even if the content is rather similar. First off, Bleach Portal - No Better Bleach Source Than This!. I got the chapter/volume relation there, as well as some cool info. Registered as kyouneko, against the k_h Y! account (just like in Boxtorrents), mainly to download ops/eds - that are temporarily down, *of course*.
Second, there is Bleach 7 - The first Source for Bleach Info.... Both sites are heavy on the multimedia downloads: anime, manga, music, images, you know, the works. Even fanfiction in the second. Might register too, once I burn some more stuff.
Last but not least, Too Schexay, twoPOINToh: Bleach images, music, and Renji, full of classified and commented images from the serie, plus some (or all of it?) music from the manga -take this, the author gave each chara a theme song!- as well as from the anime. Got to click on the word 'media', lower right corner.

Edit: For further reference, I don't remember where I downloaded the first chapters, but most of them come from StopTazmo.