Thursday, 29 September 2005

On special download sites (BoxTorrents Rules!)

Well, of course, BoxTorrents covers many of your anime/manga/ost/ova BT necesities (especially of the yaoi kind). The rest, probably could be found at Isohunt.
Now, yesterday I registered in Aarinfatasy's Yaoi Collection, as kyouneko too. Will dl a couple of bl games first, then I'll see. Then, right from there I picked a link to a site that translates bl games, Onadoru Euphoria, and has completed Silver Chaos. Not a patch, but imgs with the translations. Better than guessing, of course!
Um, should probably mention that Aarinfantasy is a well known fansub group, too.

Edit: Better to simplify matters, Aarinfantasy's BT tracker is right here

Edit 2: I *cannot* believe I forgot all about, where I get many different series (non-yaoi) one chapter at the time. Registered as kyouneko, too.

Edit 3: Last minute news, found a place, The Lurker, with listings of irc bots offering packages of well known series (such as FMA/Bleach/Gantz, and a *lot* more) Will try soon, cause I also found my missing FMA chaps at irc.


Needing to burn all the stuff I've got at work, I started with the 'huge' series, Bleach first. Looking for some missing covers and such, I found some very interesting sites, even if the content is rather similar. First off, Bleach Portal - No Better Bleach Source Than This!. I got the chapter/volume relation there, as well as some cool info. Registered as kyouneko, against the k_h Y! account (just like in Boxtorrents), mainly to download ops/eds - that are temporarily down, *of course*.
Second, there is Bleach 7 - The first Source for Bleach Info.... Both sites are heavy on the multimedia downloads: anime, manga, music, images, you know, the works. Even fanfiction in the second. Might register too, once I burn some more stuff.
Last but not least, Too Schexay, twoPOINToh: Bleach images, music, and Renji, full of classified and commented images from the serie, plus some (or all of it?) music from the manga -take this, the author gave each chara a theme song!- as well as from the anime. Got to click on the word 'media', lower right corner.

Edit: For further reference, I don't remember where I downloaded the first chapters, but most of them come from StopTazmo.

Thursday, 22 September 2005

For love is a many-splendored thing...

More HP fanfiction delicacies. This site is a rare jewel indeed. Harry Potter Rareslash, has some very odd parings, some unlikely main charas, and some good (if unusual) stories. Need to read more. Oh, and it's a rec from Maya's site.
There is also Harry Potter and the Age of Consent, where I arrived while looking for Lady of Shalott's site (didn't like it, that's why it's not here). Assortment of stories, a hole section for H/D (the most important, of course ^_^)
I know, I *know*, I'll never manage to go through all the recs I've already got, and lets not forget that I haven't checked my usual haunts for at least a couple months. I shudder at the thought of the sheer volume of piled reading. Yeah, right.

Sunday, 18 September 2005

From Eroica With Love

It turns out I've never read this manga (most of my fandoms of choice are found and loved through fanfiction, actually, so this is not so strange for me anymore). Read a rec about it in Boys on boys on film, and Googled it (what else, really). Then I arrived at this wonderful wonderful site, Belladonna's From Eroica With Love site. Simply great. I have a zip of the full site somewhere, but since it's still not burned, I must keep the address at hand. Now, I like Kadorienne's stuff the most. About the charas, Dorian is my fave, of course. Just my type of criminal, one with style!

Friday, 16 September 2005

PSA // truth < harry >

From a banner in the previous rec site, I arrived at the The Potter Slash Archive. Still on the works, I think (hope), and not that much to keep this far, but I've found some good stuff. Will keep reading, of course.

Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs

Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs
Well, I probably found this site through Google, but beats me what did I Google. Anyways, redirects to as well as, among other places, (like this one I didn't know and got to check out in more depth,, and lead me to some very good fics even though I haven't read through half of it yet.
Important Note to self: go through the whole list and save the best ones before you forget because of some shinny thing or other.

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings

How did I fall into HP ff? Easy enough, perusing Aoe's livejournal in search of news about her 'Harmonics' WK arc at Bleeding Hearts. No news, but a rec of Maya's wanderful 'Underwater Light', at, precisely,
I read it and read it and read and loved it, and decided more HP was in order, preferently H/D. I even sent Maya a very embarrasing letter asking for recs from her, and she graciously complied sending me the address to her site, Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings, where there are more of her fics plus recs that I have yet to check, and her livejounal, still on my very extensive "to read" list. One more comment: I actually cried last night while reading her "Dark Side of Light" and "Your Every Wish", and went home (at 11:30 pm!) feeling a knot at the pit of my stomach that you wouldn't believe!! Great authoress.

Schnoogle...Novel-length fanfiction - Seven sickles an ounce!

Schnoogle...Novel-length fanfiction - Seven sickles an ounce!

Not a clue what that "Seven sickles an ounce" means, but variations on it have appeared throughout HP fanfiction a couple of times, guess I'll have to look for the meaning.
Well, this is such a GREAT site that I'm ready to overlook the fact that searches are not so great. Contains HP lenghthy fanfiction, and is my favourite among the collectives.
By the way, can't belive it took me this long to actually post sth here, even had to ask for my username and a new password! And it's not like I haven't been around, *please*